Designed to match the needs of emerging artists   those of their   publishers and   radios   into a single, powerful tool promotion, MRadio is an online and audio stream analyzer that continuously generates reports on recognitions (such as radio passages), based on the Mooseka service. This radio monitoring service is a powerful, easy-to-use data analysis tool that can be used for various purposes, both to know if a radio campaign is going to be successful or to keep a detailed history of radio passes.

 These reports are:

  • necessary for artists, who know every time which radio station is broadcasting their song precious for publishers, to monitoring the result of their promotion work
  • useful for editors, because they can see in real-time the songs trend
  • very useful for radio stations, to monitor the status of their service and for final report for SIAE


MRadio works on a large quantity of radios in completely automatic way.

radio MRadio

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