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About us

Nothing is impossible in computer science.
These simple concept is our motivation to makes new ambitious projects. Here you can read about some products.


Audio track stream analizer of italian radios

Is a powerfol tool based on Mooseka technolgy for audio track detection...


Audio monitoring system

Cloud based platform useful for report generation and other customizable features...


Social web win-win for independent artists

A new portal to help artists to improve their name in difficult social word...

Working session

Out team in action

Average computer scientists coding all day, but our team has other awesome skills to provide technical and PR service during several kinds of event...

our team

Our keyword is: "one, two, done!"

Giuseppe "Peppe" Cirino

Public relator and commercial director

Enrico Giordano

Chief Executive Officer

Irina Vranescu

Frontend developer and Web designer 

Matteo Castagnaro

Backend developer

Cristian Pinna

Backender and Database maintainer

Stefano Massella

Backend Developer & Tester

Camilla Corradi

Graphic Designer and Frontend developer

Marco Cristani

Chief technical officer